Chewing Gums - Candies


Bubbaloo Blueberry Bubble Gum

Bubbaloo Green Apple Bubble Gum

Bubbaloo Strawberry Bubble Gum


Chupa Chups Big Babol Soft Bubble Gum Strawberry Flavour 6 Pieces 27.6g

Chupa Chups Big Babol Soft Bubble Gum Tutti Frutti Flavour 6 Pieces 27.6g

Chupa Chups Bubbly Bubble Gum Sweet Cotton & Bubble Gum Tutti Frutti 11g


Chupa Chups Lolly

Chupa Chups Mini Bag of 5

Fruit Tella Assorted Chewy Sweets Apple, Pear, Raspberry, Blackberry Flavoured 41g


Fruit Tella Strawberry Flavoured Chewy Sweets 41g

Halls Mentho-Lyptus Extra Strong 33.5g

Halls Mentho-Lyptus Sugar Free Cherry 32g


Halls Original


Halls Soothers Cherry 45g


Halls Soothers Strawberry 45g

Halls Sugar Free Original

Haribo Moam Joystixx 225g


HARIBO Chamallows 160g

Haribo Gold Bears Pocket Pack

Haribo Happy Cola Pocket Pack


Haribo Jelly Beans 160g

HARIBO Starmix Mini Bag

Haribo Super Mix Mini Bag


Maoam Minis Fruit Flavour Chew 60 Pieces

Maoam Minis Sour Fruit Flavour Chew 60 Pieces

Maynards Sours 52g


Maynards Wine Gums 52g

Maynards Wine Pastilles 52g

Mentos Fruit Chewy Dragees 38g


Mentos Fruits 4 Pack

Mentos Mint Chewy Dragees 38g

Nestlé Polo Fruits 37g


Nestlé Polo Original 6 x 34g

Nestlé Polo Original 34g

Nestlé Polo Spearmint 34g


Nestlé Polo Sugar Free 33.4g

Nestlé Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 140g

Nestle Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles Lollies.


Nestle Rowntree's Pick & Mix 130g

Swizzels Flic n Lic Lolly

Tic Tac Cherry Passion 18g


Tic Tac Fresh Mint 18g

Tic Tac Lime & Orange 18g

Tic Tac Spearmint 18g


Trident Soft Gum Sugarfree Strawberry 14 Pieces

Trident Splash Juicy Gum Sugarfree Strawberry & Lime Flavour 9 Pieces

Vimto 6 Tongue Ticklers


Vimto Chewy Sweets 30g

Werther's Original Traditional Butter Candies 50g

Werther's Original Traditional Chewy Toffees 50g


Wrigley 5 Gum Citrus & Pear

Wrigley's 5 Flood A Mouthwatering Berry 12 Sticks of Sugarfree Gum

Wrigley's Extra Chewy Mints 38g


Wrigley's Extra Peppermint Sugarfree Gum 10 Pieces

Wrigley's Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Seriously Strawberry Flavour 5 Pieces

Wrigley's Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Snappy Strawberry Flavour 180cm


Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum 10 Sticks

Wrigley's Orbit Complete Peppermint Whitening Sugarfree Gum 14 Tabs

Wrigley's Orbit Complete Spearmint Sugarfree Gum 14 Tabs