The Company INTRADER-TRADING SERVICES, by studying, has realized that these are times for

demands in modern trade, but also for the flexibility of our customer needs in todays' competitive
environment. INTRADER has designed and is willing to offer high quality services in the area of
imports and exports.
INTRADER operates as Intermediaries between Sellers and Buyers in the International Trading
Industry. The objective of the Company is to forclose agreements with each other, to sample products,
researching the market place to negotiate the best prices, to improve the quality of the products, as well as, the appropriate quantity and also, for the most ideal ways of payment.

In partnership with the largest International Transport Companies, we offer solutions to our clients, by ensuring them prompt, economical and safe transport of the products.
Excellent organization, consistency, responsibility and EXCELLENT RELATIONS WITH OUR CLIENTS, are our primary objective and overarching goal.