Company Profile

The Company INTRADER was founded in 2008 in Western Greece, located in the city of Patras. 

It is and Import-Export company, which offers high quality services in the area of trade.

We take charge in promoting, advertising and selling secure products from the following groups:

Agricultural products, traditional products, dairy goods, confectionary, Foodservice products, Beverages, Tobacco, toiletries, seasonal items, toys, packaging products and textiles.

INTRADER collaborates with Industry manufacturers and export firms. Our Company is based on customer improrters, wholesalers, brokers, distributors, agents and market merchandisers.


The distrubution of our products are made by land or sea.

Comparative advantages of our company is the guarantee of high level in both our products and services, its completeness of this, the security and safety of our products, the competing prices and the fact that our company is constantly evolving and always being updated. Our central focus at INTRADER is, customer service and that together we thrive by constantly looking to new markets and to new partnerships, where we methodically plan to develope our network. We at INTRADER, have the knowledge to fully achieve our goals and objectives of our customers. Our experience has shown us that, it is not only necesary to meet all current needs and requirements of our customer, but to also anticipate all future short and long term goals. 

 Our philosophy and goal at INTRADER is, to create longstanding trade relations between our company and our customers. We are always at your side, at all times, ready to listen to any questions, comments or suggestions in further helping our customers. Together, we can acknowlewdge the needs of the market place, in order to meet its demands. The continuous improvement of operating this company and its products, as well as services, is our commitment to our customers, but also the driving force behind our growth.

 If you are in the business or are thinking to get involved in the trading industry, please contact us.

At INTRADER, we forever remain reliable and always at your service.